We share articles, figures, analyzes, and media files related with aviation on our website, which has been operating since the beginning of 2020. Since the day we started, we have been using social networks such as facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest simultaneously.

We are happy because we are rewarded for our work and we have reached an audience that is passionate about aviation. We see that the audience we address will expand with an increasing momentum day by day. This situation is also supported in our numerical analysis. According to Google Analytics figures, we reached over 8000 unique page views and around 3500 unique users as of November 2020. We would like to state that there is no advertising work in these numbers, and that we mostly derive out traffic from organic searches.

When we contact, we inform you that we can present the numbers we mentioned in reports.

Therefore, you can both support us and find the opportunity to reach a niche audience in line with your goals by advertising in the following areas on our website.

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